How Does One Learn to Become a Good DJ?

Photo by Venkat DJ

Once you’ve decided to become a DJ, you have to keep in mind that the most important thing is to learn how to become a good DJ. At first, it might seem so easy because you know music and you listen to it every day. However, first of all, you have to learn what being a DJ is all about. You have to have an outgoing personality because you’ll always be center stage, and all eyes will be on you. Once you accept the challenge you’ll discover that being a DJ can be exciting, and a lot of fun. It is not all hard work if you really enjoy what you’re doing.

Working As a DJ

A DJ is everyone’s favorite person at venues that offer music and dance. There are various DJ disciplines such as the turntable master, the club DJ, the radio DJ, and the mobile DJ. To become a good DJ it is best to work at more than one discipline. First, learn what these disciplines mean, and if you are ready to choose one, then keep in mind that this will become your career, and you want to be the best you can be. You’ll need to know all about the equipment you’ll be working with, and you’ll have to learn how to make musical choices by mixing and matching the songs. Don’t be afraid of going with your instincts about what sounds good because usually, the first choice is the best choice.

DJ Software

To control your equipment, you can choose to use either a DJ laptop or a desktop. A desktop is fine for a home studio, and the laptop will give you the chance to be mobile. The digital side to being a DJ is to mix software. You’ll need to see the songs in a visual presentation, then break them down, take two songs and put them together, and mix and match to make a great sound. Most of the DJ software available has instruction manuals that will explain how the software works and will give you a chance to become familiar with all the controls. Remember, the best way to learn is to experiment and make notes as you go along. It will take you some time before you can do it well, but if you persevere in the end, you’ll become good at it, and from there, you want to become the best at it. Educate yourself on all the DJ software that is available and speak to other DJs to see what they recommend before you make your final decisions.

DJ Equipment

Becoming a good DJ who knows what it’s all about means having the right equipment. It will cost some bucks, but basically, you require two turntables or CD players, software (if you choose to go digital), speakers, headphones, and a two-channel mixer/controller.

To begin with, start with as little as you can and build up from there while you sharpen your skills and learn what becoming a great DJ is all about. Speakers and headphones won’t be a problem, but the equipment itself will take some time to get used to. There are many helpful videos and instructions online that can help you sort it all out. Mostly what you need is confidence that you can do it, and then the rest will fall into place. DJ equipment can get expensive, so start off with the minimum to get you going, and once things begin falling into place and you have your first job, you can decide what else you require and build up from there. Remember,  that in the beginning you just need to start with the basics.

Becoming a Good DJ

Once you are ready to begin your journey, you have to make connections with other DJs, with promoters, and with the crowd that will come to listen to you and play the music that will make them dance. To begin with, you have to get out there to the clubs and watch how other DJs do their jobs and listen to the music they play. You can pick up specific tips and ideas so that you can put it all together and have a style of your own. Take the time to practice imitating some of the DJs you meet along the way and pick and choose what you prefer and what you don’t so that you’ll become an excellent DJ like no other. Take the time to frequent different clubs. First, choose the ones with music that you know and like and then those where the music is different from what you enjoy listening to. In this way, you’ll have a wide choice of music, and you can find a way to combine it all or try something completely new.

You’ll find that as you hone your skills and mingle with crowds, you’ll be able to come up with many different kinds of ideas and start putting together your own dynamite DJ profile. Find out what sort of promoters are out there and who are preferred by most DJs. Remember, when you finally come together with a promoter, this will be your job interview, and you have to be well prepared. That means that you have to show that you know how to put it all together, stay cool, calm, and collected and ready to play the music. When you face the crowds for the first time, you need a tremendous amount of confidence, so bring along your friends for support. Promoters will be looking for a DJ that is into their own thing and can relate with the audience of the club their playing at. When the crowd cheers, when your music makes them dance when the promoter is satisfied, you’ll know that you’ve arrived. Be prepared to have promoters tell you what they prefer and what they don’t in this way you can add to or change your style to become just the kind of DJ their looking for. Once you have worked at being a DJ for several years and your really good at it, then you can promote yourself because you know that you’re the kind of DJ that is always in demand.

From that moment on to become a good DJ who is always welcomed and whose music is enjoyed means not to get too comfortable. Even if you have landed a job, you have to keep sharpening your skills and, most importantly, listen to different music every day. See what is happening in the music scene and find out what people enjoy the most. In this way, you can find new ways to climb up higher on the popularity ladder by making up original music styles that will have everyone cheering. Keep in mind that a good DJ never stops learning and you never stop polishing your own kind of style, always adding and changing and improving. If certain things aren’t working, ask for help so you can sort it out. Don’t look upon being a DJ as just any job. Do it for the music that you want to share with others. Impress the crowds, so when they look at and listen to you, they enjoy what they see and hear. You want to be the DJ everyone is talking about the one that keeps the music playing. Keep your ears open and listen to what people are saying about music, and in this way, you can find out what people like and what they don’t like. If you work at different clubs, you might find out that there is a way to combine the different styles of music from one to the other and perhaps begin a following of your own where people will go to a club because you’re the DJ that night.

You want to become obsessed with the music you play and always keep looking for new and different genres that you can mix and match. Find a style of music that is entirely your own, so you become an individual in your own right. Be the DJ that surprises them and makes them excited every time you play the music. Have your own unique style of fashion, so even if no one knows your name right away, they know who you are just the same by the clothing you wear. Remember that practice makes perfect, and as time goes by, you want to work your equipment as if you were born with it and know it backward and forwards. Work on your playlists and continually mix and match until you have the perfect blend of music. Don’t rush anything, and if something doesn’t come together, keep working at it until it all blends just right. In this way, you will also learn as you go along, and you’ll get better with time until you can finally say that you are a good DJ, and everyone can agree with you.

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